Welcome to the Open Cardboard Platform

Welcome to Open Cardboard

The Open Cardboard is a building platform. Open Design and FabLab Ready.

Different cardboard pieces, mainly triangles and squares, are connected to form objects like pyramids, play houses and even large geodomes for play and learning.

The project is Open Design and under CC license so everyone can make the parts themselves in a FabLab or a Maker Space using cardboard and a laser cutter/or a cnc cutter.

Open Cardboard Play Houses

Open Cardboard Planetarium

Maker Faire in Berlin

 Maker Faire Berlin 10-11. June 

Had a wonderful time at the Maker Faire in Berlin last weekend as it was a chance to talk to many people about using/reusing cardboard, sharing ideas with other makers and experiencing the maker community in Berlin. Fantastic response to our developments on the cardboard planetarium project by making it FABLAB ready, removing light leakage and the simple use of binder clips.  We picked up a recognition ribbon for "Maker of Merit" by the organizers.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Later this week we'll add pics and go through the many contact details we made over the weekend.